Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday ... the OTHER Friday

No blog yesterday. I have to admit, with no small chagrin, that I drank a little last night (given that it was Friday) and then entered a Youtube challenge with my sweet Babboo. This one was truck driving songs -- I kicked it off with "Wolf Creek Pass." We got in Eddie Rabbit, CW McCall and Jerry Reed and some others ... then hubby cheated by pulling up Red Sovine (in my opinion, a ringer, as king-o-the-trucker-song).

Sweet Babboo says it was just 'knowledge' that aided his win. I say it was Red Sovine. and stand by that.

I had another good week behind the wheel. My trainers are careful and thorough -- a father/son school with two complementary temperaments, and both have taught me a tremendous amount in a short time. Each brings his own style, but share in a steady, patient approach to teaching. I'm really lucky.

I added tanker and doubles/triples endorsements to my permit this week, too. That leaves the hazmat endorsement test and gov't background check. I think I might test for the passenger endorsement, too, just to round it all out, although I have no desire to drive a vehicle filled with people. People's who I'm hoping to get away from by being in the truck.

Maybe my next youtube challenge to the hubby should be girl-and-her-dog songs / boy-and-his-dog songs. "How much is that doggy in the window?" umm, "Me n You n a dog named Boo" , etc. No peoples.

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