Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have my permit!

I'm tempted to leave it on that jubilant note, but for my bro-in-law who's thinking of a California class-a one day, I'll add just a bit-o-what-that-means:

4 Multiple Choice Tests
  • Strangely enough 18 questions of the class-C test (where I missed the 2 booze questions, go figure). 
  • 50 questions of general CDL knowledge
  • 18 questions on combination vehicles (tractor trucks with 1 or more trailers, generally speaking)
  • 20 questions on air brake systems
My trainers recommended (very wisely) taking one at a time and studying for each one individually, although certainly there's some cross-over info. I spent five days with practice tests and the cdl handbook, covering everything. Then, school is close to the dmv, so this was my day today: studied for the A, took the C and general knowledge A tests, studied for the combo's, took the combo's test, studied for the air brakes, took the air brakes test.

Badda bing, badda bang. Permit in hand!

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