Monday, January 25, 2010

First Blood

What a drag ... Matthew B. Crawford (author of Shop Class as Soulcraft) is saying it ten times better than I could ~ with a great voice and highly readable writing style. ... In other words, I've read pages 1 through 10 to my darling husband, and we're really enjoying it! Drat. No need to blog now.

Also, I pinched my left pinky finger in the tongs tonight (while turning the pork loin). Drew blood. Typing with a band-aid on your little finger is a drag, too. Yes, I'm in a mood.

The day was Fabulous ~ I drove the 'route' through town, parked the small trailer, backed under the long trailer (like a pro), attached the glad hands and electrical, practiced alley docking and just had a lovely 'useful' day. Plus Mr. Crawford offered a very apt, very sharp rebuttal to my 'simple life' yearnings (post #2) ~ lovedlovedloved that. And I found a great new read for me and the Sweet Babboo.

Get. This. Book.

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