Friday, January 22, 2010

Improper Debrief

The first seven work days have passed, if I count the time I spent studying for my permit on Thursday, Friday and Monday. I've been in the truck for three days ~ and my head is spinning-spinning-spinning! Thank God, this is a blog, not a biographical how-to, a coherent narrative. (hah! that hasn't happened. Maybe this weekend I'll have time for a proper debrief.)

wow. so where am I, this Friday night? tired. in that Best sense of the word. I have an amarretto in hand and a sweet babboo waiting for my attention. ... I won't be staying long.

Ah-hah! I remember what I wanted to say. I spent the morning learning pre-trip inspection procedures, both inside the cab and outside the truck. At one point, I was crouched under a flat-bed trailer, trying to really 'see' the slack aduster. My trainer (I LOVE my trainers!!) was telling me it looked kinda like Princess Leigha's donut-hair. and I was asking, do you mean that thing that looks kinda like the space-ship that took Han-Solo to Jabba the Hut? The thing that looks kinda like a hair dryer, pointed toward the ground? ... God, that was great.

So I learned more about the pre-trip today. (My sweet babboo is working with me on what does what -- like the alternator -- which I have to point out in the inspection, I think -- is part of what gets the battery sparking the engine. kinda. I'm still learning. still confused on a Friday night.)

OhhhhGod. It's Friday. I had a Great Week. I can't remember when I enjoyed work this much.

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