Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Evening Showers

My calves are sore. My shoulders ache. My thighs are thinking vicious thoughts about me. I feel great!!

and ohhhh, I now understand the bliss that can be found in an evening shower.

First you have to spend the good part of a bone rattling, rainy day in the sleeper of a big truck, watching the other drivers go through the route and practice their skills. Then, take your turn behind the wheel. It's familiar (if you know manual transmissions), but different. Like that chicken / frog legs thing. I've had frog legs -- they taste vaguely like flies, if you've ever swallowed one and know what I mean.

Anyway, I'd talk more about driving, which I love love loved. But ohhhh, the shower when I got home. Hot shower, I love you.

(Sweet babboo welcomed me to the 6-feet high club tonight. Nooo, not that way. A kiss and an appreciative ear as I shared my first war stories.)

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