Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day One: The beginning of the beginning

Day one at truck driving school. "Oh My God, that's so cool!" -- My friend tells me he lives vicariously through me.

"I want to go work in Costa Rica," I announced and did. That was back in '93. "I'm starting truck driving school tomorrow." That was, well, yesterday. I tell him I like looking at my life through his eyes. It looks interesting. Not random. Not dumb.

My life through my husband's lens, I think, would be a comedy. Right now, he's amused. My sweet babboo.

So day one. Woo-hoo! I'm mid-life, and I took my first pee-test today! 20 years as a white-collar 'professional' and nary a drug test. I had to pee before I could even crack the books. Peed and studied the CDL book. That's what I did.

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