Saturday, December 11, 2010

While I Wait for my Urine

So I was on the forklift yesterday. The one with three levers (up/down, tilt, and rotate 180 degrees). And I meant to hit the up lever, but hit the rotate lever. Thus dumping a pallet of shrink wrap on the warehouse floor. oops.

The Soop drove me to the pee-test place (what a job) where I failed to pee on my first try. 45 minutes and 30 ounces of water later, success! Me and People magazine for 45 minutes, plus the Soop dozing in the lobby ~ snoring. Really. and both of us on the clock.

Love my job.

Today and for a few more days, I will be working on the dock (no heavy equipment), waiting for my urine to tell me and them whether I was stoned. ... Maybe I'll have a cosmo while I wait?

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