Thursday, December 9, 2010

All Grrrrrl

Clear up until I was 30 or so, I saw my role as supporting cast. Side kick. It's funny to think of, now, because of course, I had always been the protagonist of my own life drama. I just didn't embrace it.

I was a really really good wing-girl to many a good friend. Oh, wow. Backing up my grade-school best-friend, A. She was beautiful and confident and tough. The alpha female of Lillian Larsen Elementary. (She'll laugh when she reads this, but it's true.) And when we hit the roller rink in the rival town, wheels gliding to Cool and the Gang, and she was copping rival-town girls' crushes, I was there when it came to the face-off ... there I was, just behind her right shoulder, promising to have her back if she needed to kick some preppy girl ass.

Of course, we never did come to scratching, hair-pulling physicality. Still, I was a ready wing-girl. And it felt good seeing the preppy girls' fear of two girls from the poor end of the county.

...Everyone should have an epic, my good friend K taught me. Several epics, if they're smart.

Somewhere along the line, I realized I am the central figure in my own passion play. I'm the hero. The protagonist. And my life, wow, it has been and is one hell of an epic adventure.

Academics was its own epic, certainly. Ah, but that wannabe-tough girl from the military/ag/oil fields town. That physical girl. I've missed her. And in becoming a driver, I feel like I've regained her a bit.

Let's put it this way. I am more physically fit than I've ever been in my life. And to me, that means more ready to kick ass (if put on the defensive, only, of course) and take an ass kicking than ever before in my life. Hah!

Girls, you wanna get fit, lose weight, build muscle, work on your swagger? Get a physical, physically challenging, and technically stimulating job. Class A? Postal Delivery? whatever. Just get physical. And excited.

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