Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don'Care Delight

Yesterday, the Soop told me I'd be shuttling two to three runs from one (small) warehouse to our (big, main) warehouse, daily for several days. Until the small warehouse is cleared out.

'Ahhh, logistics.' ... No, indeed.  'Ahhh, clear communication.' I'd take even half-assed communication.

First thing today, I had to empty yesterday's run into the big warehouse before taking the empty trailer to the small warehouse. I opened the rolling door and Wham! Two wooden headboard/footboard sets fell on my thigh, leaving a baseball-sized bruised knot-o-flesh. Cursed a blue streak at the useless bastards who put four two-foot-tall planks of wood upright on the end of a trailer.

The Soop's Soop, coming to take a look, said, roughly, "I didn't know they were sending this stuff. We've cleared out the outlet center for their other stuff."

I said, "Their other stuff is out there in a trailer in the back 40."

He said, "Huh?"

I said, "It's been there for days. I hear we're moving in a bunch of loads of this stuff before unloading that other stuff."

He began wondering why that might be, by golly, and speculating on communication failures.

And I said, "Don' care. I'll drive, load and unload whatever you tell me. Just tell me. Beyond that ... I. Don'. Care."

He said, "It's good to be the driver."


(I edited on this one a wee bit, just so's you know.)

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