Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alpha Grrrl Protects Her Turf

So our other class A has left the building. (I won't say why. That would be indelicate.) This leaves me with five other class C's. Yep. I'm alpha grrrrrrrrl. Of course, I was alpha from the day I arrived, but that, too, would be indelicate to crow over. (Besides, others might disagree. and be wrong.)

So they're advertising for another class A. Even interviewing in the brief days since listing the position, hoping to return us to full staff quickly.

Among the fav's, a driver with "lots of experience." Is it wrong that one part of me is happy with the idea of having a knowledgeable class A around, a mentor, as it were? But the larger, meaner part of me is digging in, thinking, "Mine." ...My turf, my seniority, my Mack, my alpha.

I've put on the metaphorical metal conical breasts protectors. Bring on the new guy.

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