Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sorta about the Soop

I started on a Sunday, so I guess next Saturday marks my one-month-iversary, but as this is my Friday (remember, Fridays are Mondays and Tuesdays are Fridays in my world), I'm marking today as my one-month. A good day ~ started by unloading and loading two trucks by myself, 8-10am; making a run; taking lunch; making a run in my beloved Mack tractor trailer; and unloading a truck. It sounds like so little, but really, that's a pretty solid day. I got drive time away from peoples (you know how I feel about peoples). I got warehouse cardio time (feel the burn, baby!). I got time with the peers and the Soop (my supervisor).

People in the org ask me how I'm doing, whether I'm enjoying my new job, and 100%, I say, 'Way!" (Actually, I say, 'Hell, yes' ... yes, I've found a home for my potty mouth.)

Sweet Babboo warned me that my comfort level in the truck would outpace my skill level pretty quickly,  and I think about that when I'm on a run ~ whether it be in a class C bobtail (basically, a U-Haul with a lift gate) or my Mack big rig. I'm so aware, so conscious of driving and all the actions and decisions involved in every moment. I feel challenged, physically and mentally.

Also at one month, I'm very aware that I have the exact supervisor any newbie driver would want. He's been a driver himself (class A), so he knows drivers' challenges in completing a run. He's pragmatic, but also pushes us. And he protects his drivers. ... ie, don't f**k with our dock. And the warehouse had better keep things moving so that we can keep the trucks rolling. Warehouse grumbles about him; I appreciate that my boss has my back.

If I just keep hold of Sweet Baboo's number one advice to keep the rubber side to the road, I think I'll be okay going into month two.

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