Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So the sweet babboo has close to twenty years of stories, among them variations of the "We gotta cut down overtime, dammit" story, which translates to "You gotta work harder so we can get more for the same pop."

My brilliant husband 1) says 'Sure thing, boss,' and then ignores it or 2) says 'I'm willing to do this faster. Just show me how.' ... He had one manager take him up on the offer and the guy was begging for a bus stop (to get back to the office) by 2:30.

So when the Soop says at 8am "No overtime," I don't even blink when I say, "Fine with me." At the end of the day when he wants me to pull the rig out of dock 2 and swap the 28 foot trailer for the 48 footer and dock it, I tell him, "I'm 5 minutes from clocking out. It'll mean overtime...." ... and just as Jim has taught me, wait for the "Welllll, it's gotta be done. It's only 20 minutes. oh, and keep your phone on tomorrow (my day off). We might need you."

I'm glad to work. Glad for the OT. Glad when I get to go home at night with no OT. ... Funny sorta job being hourly vs salaried. being vital vs ...something else. 

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