Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday ... the OTHER Monday

I'm combining my two half-days into one and calling this Monsday. or Muesday. Yesterday, I waited for unemployment to call to confirm that my training is approved -- ie, I can go to school while on the dole ("2 a (1) : a giving or distribution of food, money, or clothing to the needy (2) : a grant of government funds to the unemployed b : something distributed at intervals to the needy; also : handout 1 c : something portioned out bit by bit.")

Portioned out bit by bit, indeed. But I'm a-grateful fer it.

Today, I had an a.m. meeting.

So for the past two afternoons, I was getting in a few hours' practice, but feeling sort of static. Full days are much better. I get the afternoons as a second attempt at the things I screwed up in the morning.

I saw a report this weekend on the demand for / good pay for blue collar jobs. Imagine that! ... We're finally figuring out that you can't outsource plumbers. and that "information workers" as we geared ourselves for during the 90's when we were shutting down our shop classes can be found oversees quite handily. It's not necessarily right, but it's happening. Meanwhile, my plumber is the town catch.

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