Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hazmat, part two

On the to-do list today ~ passing my hazmat test. First though, I had to drive the scary 9-speed cab-over International with the 40 foot-ish trailer. ...Because my trainer was taunting me and calling me a wuhsy for hiding behind a hazmat test he had no doubt I could pass, no problem.

It's great to have the trust of all these guys ~ they've been completely, 100% supportive and professional. There's comaraderie and a fair bit of joking, but also a lot of plain old good will. And purpose. We're either focused on learning or teaching. And the proof of skill is entirely objective ~ you see when you've screwed up in the angle of the park, the popped clutch, the ground gear.

There's no your way through it. The best drivers are clearly the best. When they're behind the wheel, the ride is smooth; the drive is well executed.  ... Have you ever watched the charming and the soulless shmooze the image of competence? Then you know what I mean when I say watching true skill is refreshing.

Will that count out there in job-ville? Ohhh, experience whispers one thing; hope whispers another.

By the way, after my drive, I passed my hazmat test. 100%.

Next stop, the TSA security check. I guess with that, if I don't end up driving, I can get a job screening passengers at the airport.

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