Monday, November 15, 2010

Move Your Goat

My friend Colleen's grandmother gave her this advice: "Move your goat."

I'm 41 and an expert in truisms, catch-phrases, maxims, etc. I've never heard this one.

Thank you, Colleen and her grandma!

Someone will always be in your way, trying to get your goat.

As C's grandma said so well, "Move your goat."

This reminds me that work and politics are all a game. The Soop says, "Why ain't you gone yet?" ... I say, "Get me a truck, and I'll be gone." Until then, I'm moving pallets and bins, unloading. loading. Getting ready to be gone.

One of my co-workers takes all the pressure, all the critique, to heart. He's a good man and an honest spirit. He just needs to move his goat.

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