Sunday, September 26, 2010

a buck at a buck fifty, part two

Okay, so pug Frank didn't have anything to do with the cost of going to work vs the wage brought in. I was punch drunk on all that overtime.

He's doing well, by the way, and soaking up the attention. Our best guess is he had an adverse reaction to the 1/2 aspirin dosage our vet recommended as we treated him for Another eye ulcer.

What I meant was, I'll make less slightly less money earning my wage than I did on unemployment. ... Yes, I paid into unemployment all those years, but still, work is ...well, it's dignity. Of course, it's dignity at the price of a buck fifty to my dollar. ... but what the heck.

(Never can say 'dignity' without thinking of 'Singing in the Rain.'  Have you seen it lately? Do.)

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